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Todd & The Shining Sword

Todd Versus Lukian

:bulletred:Nothing will make me happier than you reading the action comedy comic, Todd VS Lukian, and leaving Comments if you like it or want to say how it could be improved. Nice, convenient links to all the other pages so you can keep on reading! ;)

:bulletgreen:Remember to Read :bulletblue:Todd & The Shining Sword!:bulletblue:
And comment!!

It's funny!


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Well, now I know that maybe, just maybe, someone would donate to me, because it happened. I filled my last bar, so I'm going again. This time I want to see maybe also if I could get some of the assorted folks I see on other people's pages that drop in and drop off literally a point or two to get in on the act. I'm going to try to get enough to buy 3 months of Premium with points alone!

But I really want to use the points to help others also!
And by donating points, you're supporting Todd & The Shining Sword! Have you read that comic yet? You should!

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Favorites for dA by C.-L. by trad-milay
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First I had been Tagged by one of my newest Watchers, :iconmagssinclair: But then I wasn't going to do it 'cause I don't always have time for tags. But then :iconthesilhouett3: tagged me also, and my previous Journal was weird, so I decided I was gonna do a single tag for both of them, and instead of posting and following the rules of tagging (which I don't do, 'cause I'm an outlaw. :iconimcoolplz: ) I'm gonna say what I just said instead! And then I'm gonna answer the questions about me! So there! :hmph:

:iconthesilhouett3:'s tag asks for 5 things, and :iconmagssinclair:'s asks for 15, YOU, THE READER asked for ZERO, so I give you......
5 + 10 = 15! :iconmathplz::iconexclamationmarkplz:
ITypeThemAfterIAnswerTheQuestions to make sure I don't repeat anything. :nod:
*skips down to questions*
1: I scrolled up and filled these questions in from bottom-to-top, so I don't know what to say here for this last one. *I'll scroll back to the bottom now*
2: I have a 20 gallon fish tank with six fish in it, :fish: but zero cats.
3: I'm working on new animations.
4: I live in Washington D.C. where you can't get to me. :nana:
You live somewhere else.
5: Most of my fantasies are weird
6: I am the inventor of the rotatograph.
7: I'm the one who discovered that if you want to make your mom happy, make her something sappy- but not crappy- and give it to her. Dappy rhymes with that.
8: I considered calling Dappy "Dappy the merp".
9: "Starcrafts" is my Saturday morning cartoon.
10: I sleep with a light on.
11: I sleep on the floor.
12: I purchased my pillow in 2008, so with it having been on the floor all that time, I totally need a new one.
13: My YouTube playlists are mostly filled with Anime and video game music.
14: I think James Rolfe is awesome.
15: I think Kacy Catanzaro is awesome.

First, :iconmagssinclair:'s questions!
*scrolls back up to "skips down to questions" to copy the numbers & font code to paste them here, then pastes and skips down to paste it again for ThEsIlHoUeTe3 >:3 *
1: What do you most struggle with when drawing?
Faces in general. Expressions in particular. Eyebrows and Anime eyes in extra particular.
2: Do you like to watch anime or series? What are you currently watching?
A: Yes. B: Nope. Good anime consumes so much time once I start watching it that it tries to consume my soul. But in order to make a future comic, I need to do "research" that will require me to watch Princess Tutu. If the comic never gets made, then you'll know I didn't survive it. :dead: :XD:
3: Favorite movie?
I don't know! But I loved Frozen, and I think my favorite movie is going to be The AVGN Movie. :eager: I'm gonna buy it.
4: What kind of character would you like to be in a game?
Hmm. Back when I played Monster Hunter Tri I liked to be a gunner in multiplayer, and in Skyrim I'm a mage, so I think I like to be an awesome support character for a team. I think that somehow that's always been my favorite role. Let someone else shine. If we lose don't blame it on me because I'm not a main character, but if we win I get credit! :XD: >:3
5: What do you hate the most about your school? or work?
The work.
6: Name 3 best characters in you opinion (It can be from anywhere)
Todd, Dappy and Eva. YES
7: What superpower would you like to have?
Believe it or not, I hate this question. It gets asked in these kinds of situations very frequently, and my answer is creepy.
8: You have been given the chance to choose between the ability for speaking any language and understanding anything about science, what would you choose?
Language. I'm not female, so ///shot///science isn't that hard to understand that I'd waste a super ability on it! :XD: I'd use it on language! ///shot///
9: Would you get out of the matrix?
Ooh! Cool question! :matrixfight: ( :pointl: AND there's an official dA emote for it!) Me? No, most likely. I'd probably discover I was in it, but then after that I'd just want to stay in there and be awesome, rather than live outside it. The thing I'd most want to do if I lived in the matrix was test it's limits. I want to go to another planet, so I'd fly to space, because I can, and find out that the matrix's boundaries are limited to Earth's orbit... and then cry, lol. It would be cool though, like in a video game when you go outside the level boundary somehow and weird stuff starts happening, but you can't leave the stage.
10: Which place in the world would you like to visit? Japan. Once I get my ability to speak any language (see above, right when I'm getting shot for trying to cover up offensive statements) it will be a lot of fun to go there. Want to stay there for a while, but not to live.

And now for :iconthesilhouett3:'s questions!
1: Why you joined DA
I kept finding pictures on Google Image Search that I wanted, but then when I got to dA the links didn't work because they had Mature Flags. So I made an account in March of 2009 to be able to view them. Fortunately, while I was making this account, I had sense enough to name it something appropriate. You know, just in case I decided to actually become an artist. Most foresight I ever demonstrated! :XD:
Then in May of 2010 I submitted a deviation. Scribbled my old deviantID back in January 2011, and started drawing Todd & The Shining Sword in June. :iconshiningswordplz:
2: 3 things that get on your nerves
Other than the ones listed on my deviantID? Okay...
A: On my Profile, if you scroll back to the end of June 2014, you'll see some nasty stuff that spawned from an associated Journal. So first off, people who make two Journals about how much they hate me.
B: When I'm so broke waiting to get paid that all I need is $2 and I can't get it.
C: My inability to produce art in a timely manner.
3:  4 things you love about yourself (yes, four things! :P)
Four letters: T-O-D-D. :XD: WAIT that's only three unique letters! :doh:
I like being taller than people sometimes, and having the ability to grasp teh concepts, and make Todd & The Shining Sword. And I like not having to worry about becoming fat.
4: 2 weird habits you have, that wont leave.
A: Wanting to nibble on my hands and eat my own skin.
B: Talking to myself too much.
5: If you had one wish, what would it be? (you cant say: 'more wishes')
I'm going to assume that saying "go to heaven" doesn't count as a wish, :floating: so I'm going to say my favorite one!: I wish Mars had life on it. That would be awesome, even if we had to deal with Martians.
6: if you were to become a villain, what would you name yourself? O.o
Byron Stone. That's an awesome villain name, if you think about it. >:3

NOW, instead of ending with more rules, I'm gonna skip the rules ('cause I'm an outlaw. :iconimcoolplz: ) and scroll back up to fill in the 15 things about me part!

*I scrolled here from the top:above:!*

DONE! :happybounce: That was fun! :gun:///shot///
I'm 6'4". If you don't know what that means, you're not American. You wouldn't understand. :iconimcoolplz:

I have only seen four women in adult my life who I could tell were taller than me, and I saw three of those women all at The Smithsonian institute. Hence the silly title:above:. Is there something about The Smithsonian I don't know? :slow:
One time I saw TWO women at once who were both 6'8". wut. And then I saw another one today who was probably 6'9" or 10" . And she was an older woman with her taller-than-me husband and he still wasn't tall enough.
That woman could have been 6'11". Like, seriously. I would have been around her longer, but we were at the Kenyan/Chinese folk festival (I accompanied my mom there yesterday) that's going on and we were going to look in the market, but there was a line to get into the market, and she and her hubby didn't want to wait I guess.

So now I know that The Smithsonian institute on the National Mall is the place to find unusually tall women.

I know that woman was that tall because... With the two before, since they were chatting with strangers I just used an icebreaker and asked them, but this woman, I did the better thing. I just walked over there and kinda looked, and I asked my mom to look at me and see if she was that much taller than me. That's the way you do it. If you find out how tall a tall person is by using a really tall person you happen to be with (or simply BE) and just going over there and letting someone else look and compare then you can figure it out without having to bug the person for the umpteenth time with an inquiry about his or her height. Worked for me.

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'Niq ("Nick")
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"I'd rather have Comments on my ART than my Profile", so no need to thank me for faves, please. Or Watches.

I've got so much art I need to make that I'm immune to artist's block!

:thumbsup: Todd & The Shining Sword FTW!
:thumbsup: Regular readers of the ^^above^^ comic
:thumbsup: Babes :eyes: :XD:
:thumbsup: Emotes
:thumbsup: Siberian ginseng

I personally feel like it's almost dumb to post your dislikes if they're all things that NOBODY likes. Things other people like that you personally hate are much more interesting! So...
:thumbsdown: Coffee :coffeemachine: :coffeecup:
:thumbsdown: Sleeping excessively
:thumbsdown: Some people like to argue. I dislike arguing, because I really don't like competition of any kind. Unless I'm WATCHING the competition. Watching people compete is fine.
:thumbsdown: I hate it when random strangers talk to me on the street. I don't care what it's about. If I don't know you, and we don't have business, then don't talk to me unless it's to alert me to something. (The ladies are probably saying "Welcome to our world." lol)
Of course, I love to talk to strangers on deviantART! Just not IRL!
:thumbsdown: I don't like people who feel disdain for poor people.

Personal Quote: "Wow. That was bad."

Please don't thank me for faves


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Reply to your post : I'm just a student, just finish my secondary school, haven't study art subjects or any animation subjects yet but I self-explored by myself  this upcoming september I will be entering an art university so I'll put some of the animation work I did there here because the animation work that I did myself sucks PLUS it's really up to me whether I wanna out them here or not. You don't have to challenge me by purposely saying all these. I know you're great in your artwork so good for you.I'm taking digital animation course for my uni and would love to be an animator or storyboard artist or game designer if I could. Why do you say I'm too busy to pursue something that I love just by looking at a DA page that I didn't update for quite long? Dreaming. At least I dare to dream and go for it. Thanks for looking at my work and I appreciate you challenge me, for making me work harder for my goals.
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